Aussteller: AlphaTauri

AlphaTauri is creating a new way in fashion – fusing innovation, purposeful design and aspirational style. Powered by the spirit of innovation and driven by purpose, AlphaTauri was founded by Red Bull with a desire to focus on engineering unique fashion technologies that add value to both body and mind.

AlphaTauri is constantly developing its own pioneering technologies and design features that redefine fashion and function. Using technologies such as Taurex® and incorporating design features that foresee your needs, AlphaTauri clothing revitalizes and provides functionality and innovation without sacrificing style. From parkas that regulate body temperature to water-repellent wool and T-Shirts that revitalize, AlphaTauri clothing is designed to empower you to navigate your everyday in style.

AlphaTauri is available in 35 countries through, and runs two flagship stores in Salzburg and Graz.